Although SEVENTREES historically focuses on the financial world we also service clients in other business sectors.

For a leading fiber glass infrastructure company in The Netherlands SEVENTREES has provided the program manager to setup and execute the ‘SMART2020’ program to support the company’s new commercial strategy, enable network growth, improve on meeting customer demands and remain the significant player in telecom it is today. To further improve the high quality network, the Management Team asked SEVENTREES to coordinate the change projects in the SMART2020 program and bring logic and change methodology standardization.

In an environment that was stuck in traditional change methods and that needs very quick time to market to stay ahead of the competition SEVENTREES was asked to increase change turnover by implementing the Agile way of working. The SMART2020 program ran successfully for 3 years with a budget of €1M and 10+ FTE.

With the Agile ‘DevOps’ methodology the program was able to deliver MVP’s and end-solutions quickly without compromising on quality enabling the business to stay competitive with implementations like state of the art Ethernet Performance Monitoring & Reporting tooling, new Track & Trace system.

Highlight of this program was the migration of the biggest and most important fiber glass HUB in The Netherlands to a new fiber glass HUB located in Utrecht. SEVENTREES managed the entire team ranging  from network designers and architects to (sub)contractors and the company that designed and constructed the new HUB building.

A very satisfying project that ended with a Go Live “day” of 24 hours! on site of all relevant project members including the SEVENTREES program manager. Being on site (without sleep) for 24 hours was quite a challenge but there would be no hesitation to do this again….. but maybe not every week 😉